12 Things Considered Before Buying a Laptop

There are different varieties of laptops available in the market with the top-notch features on it. But the main difficulty is to find the best for us. The high price, the powerful graphic processor doesn’t make the laptop Perfect. It can only be perfect when it meets all the requirements that the customer needs.

So here, I’m going to give the comprehensive details of the factors that we should look at before buying the perfect laptop.

Things Must Consider Before Buying a laptop

1: Budget

Not only with the laptop, but the Budget must always be the first thing to be considered before buying any of the products. Suppose, if you can only afford up to 50 thousand for a laptop, then it is obvious that you are going to look after the laptop that comes within the range of 50.

2: Design

I kept design after budget because after deciding the budget, you are going to look out for the laptop. Our first impression of the laptop must be good. And the beautiful design of the laptop gives the best first impression.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful laptop. Some of you might consider buying a 360-degree twist capable laptop, and some might consider the thinness and light-weight. All the things depend on your choice.

3: Display

The display or a screen quality must be good. If you are the one who uses laptop hours a day, then the bad quality screen might affect your eyes. So to feel comfortable, you should also focus on display quality before buying a laptop.

Nowadays, it’s trends to have screen touch on a laptop. But the weak part of the touch screen display is, it adds glossiness on the screen that makes screen filthy.

We’ve also to look after the display resolution. Personally, I recommend everyone to choose 1920×1080 Pixels Resolution (Full HD). You might also get a 720×1280 resolution screen, but such a resolution screen might not handle Full HD videos.

We have 4K display laptops available in the market, but Full HD display will be enough if you are a normal gamer, teacher or student. But you should consider buying a 4K screen if you are a designer, programmer, video editor who has to works on high resolutions graphics or if you are a professional Video gamer.

We also must have a focus on Screen Size. Screen size is different than Resolution. If you love web surfing, listening to music, prepare presentations, notes, then 14 inches laptop will be suitable for you. But if you watch movies, play games, then 17 inches bigger size screen might be good for you.

4: Processor

Most of the people fall on ditch after buying a laptop if they don’t have knowledge of the processor. basically, the processor is the main unit of the computer. Each and every task or the operation has to perform by the Processor (CPU).

The old version of the Processor wasn’t capable to perform multi-tasking very well. And if you have to do lots of multi-tasking at the same time, then you must have a powerful processor on your laptop.

Intel and AMD are the two most popular Processor Manufacturer and most of the laptop comes with either Intel or AMD’s processor. You can go with Intel Core i5 10 Gen or AMD Rygen 5 3600 or above.

But it also depends on the tasks you perform on your laptop. If you are a Gamer, Video Editor or Designer, then you must consider going with i7.

5: Graphics

All most every laptop in the market comes with Intel HD Graphics or AMD graphics which is good enough for the people who watch movies, prepares the presentation.

Whereas, if you are a Gamer, Designer, Programmer or you have to do a lot of things related to Graphics, then you must have a dedicated Powerful Graphics processor. NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, Gigabyte are the top Graphics Processor Manufacturer Companies.

6: Storage (HDD/SSD)

Most of the budget laptops in the market come with the HDD. If your computer takes lots of time to boot, then probably your computer might have HDD on it. On average, SSD can perform 5 to 20 times faster than Standard HDD depending on what SSD is reading or writing. SSD decreases the Startup time, increase the rendering speed, helps in multi-tasking.

7: RAM

Games, Photoshop, Video Editing Software, Android Studio, and other heavy software consume more RAM. You should consider going with above 8GB of RAM if you use heavy software. And if you are the normal user, then 8GB will be enough for you.

RAM also standardized by its class. Some of the available classes in the market are DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4. In the present scenario, I recommend everyone to go with DDR4.

8: RAM Slot

Well, this is very much important and everyone must know about the availability of RAM slot on the laptop before buying it. Suppose, you have 4GB RAM in your laptop and you have only one RAM Slot, then you must have to buy 8GB of RAM in order to extend the RAM. And the previous 4GB will be useless to you since you have only one slot.

If you got multiple slots, then you have to buy another 4GB to make 8GB. In this way, you can utilize the Both. So make sure, the laptop much has at least 2 RAM Slots.

9: Battery Backup

Battery backup is another important factor to be considered before buying a laptop. A good laptop must have proper battery backup and must give 4-5 hours of backup without charging.

10: Brands

Name of brands matters lot. The top brand’s laptop is trusted and is long-lasting. They make the best one because they care for their reputation. You should always be aware of the unknown brand name before buying a laptop.

Some of the popular brands are, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Dell, Apple, MSI, RAZOR, Microsoft, etc.

11: Must Check the Screws and labeled Stickers

It seems funny, but it’s true that you must check the Screws and Labeled Stickers on the back of your laptop. This is because some fraud shops replace the genuine parts of the laptop and replace it with the cheap one.

If you see, scratches on Screws and peeled or folded stickers, then you must be aware of that laptop.

12: Service and Warranty

You must be sure that you get proper services in your city or country when you need to repair your laptop. If you buy a laptop from abroad, you might not get Services and can’t claim a warranty in your country.

So, you must validate all the Services and Warranty conditions before buying the laptop.


All in all, a particular laptop or a computer can only be perfect for the people if it is able to meet the customer’s requirements. The same computer can be perfect for the one and not might be for another. It all depends upon the requirements and the choices. But no matter what’s your requirements, choices, the first thing must consider will always be your budget.

Sakar Aryal is a Computer Application student from beautiful town Tilottama, Nepal. He loves coding and blogging. He provides problem solving technique specially related to WordPress, HTML, CSS, php and more other web and tech related things through on his blog , blogietech.com

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