Top 10 Useful Extensions For Browser

The best part I like about Chromium-based Browsers and Mozilla Firefox is that they let us add the third-party extensions. There are tons of extensions available in their Store and till now probably most of us are still unaware of the extensions. Those extensions help to make the work faster and unlock some extra features that the browser doesn’t provide by default. So, here I’m going to list out the top 10 useful extensions for Browser.

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Top 10 Useful Extensions For Browser

1: Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the download tool, that lets you download YouTube videos, Files, Photos and many more. You can download the IDM and can it for free for 30 days. After that, you need to pay to use it again. But there are a couple of ways to get it free again.

But in order to use this extension, first, you must have to download the IDM software. When you complete the download, the software automatically asks you to add the extension on your browser.

2: Grammarly

Grammarly extension allows you to auto-correct the grammatical mistakes. It works perfectly almost with every site. Some of them are Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, WordPress. It is free but you can also get the premium to unlock the premium features. You need to sign up in order to use the Grammarly’s Features.

It is perfect for making Presentations, Emails, Messages. I’m using Grammarly for the last 3 years and it really makes my work easier to date.

3: Adblock Plus

Ads Block Plus is one of the free ads blockers extension. It blocks the ads of sites like YouTube, Facebook, Google, and many other websites. It not only blocks the YouTube banner ads, but it also blocks the YouTube Video Ads. And this is the best thing I love about Ads Block Plus.

4: FireShot – Capture Page

FireShot allows you to take the screenshot of the full webpage. It also let you do the custom selection to take the screenshot. After taking the screenshot, you can save the Scroonshot as JPG format or in PDF.

If you wanted to create the PDF of the entire page, then this extension might be promising for you.

5: Enable Copy

Some sites use scripts to block the right-click and copy-cut features in their sites. But with this extension, you can unblock all those restrictions and enjoy your moment.

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6: Alexa Extension

This tool is great for Bloggers. Alexa shows how popular the site is. And if you own a blog, you must have this extension, since this extension helps to increase the Alexa Rank of your blog. But this has nothing to do with SEO.

7: Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool

This extension might be really promising for you if you are Blogger or a content writer who focuses its content on SEO. The best part of this tool is it shows you the monthly search volume, CPC and the competition data of the keywords on multiple websites. This works perfectly with Google Search and YouTube too.

You need to buy credit in order to see the Search Volumes, CPC and Competition Data.

8: HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is the extension that encrypts your data with the major websites and helps you to do safe web surfing. It is available for Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera.

9: SetupVPN

SetupVPN works only in the browser. You can unblock the websites in your country, school or a company. It changes your IP and location with a single click.

It doesn’t have any bandwidth limitations and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. It offers you the free service, and you will get 1 GB bandwidth per day for an account. You can create multiple accounts to enjoy more if you need it.

10: Google Translate

This extension is provided by Google itself but limited with only Chrome. It allows you to convert the entire site into the language you want. Suppose, if you are visiting Arabic, Russian, Japanese sites and you want to read it on English, then you can translate the whole page in a single click.

Do you think I should add some more here on the list?

Write down the extension name that I should add here on the list. And please don’t forget to leave a suggestion in the comment box. This will help me to learn more and do more better.

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