Top 10 Ecommerce Sites in Nepal

Ecommerce is simply electronic commerce or internet commerce that lets people buy or sell through the internet. The trend of eCommerce not really old in Nepal. But with the spread of internet services, the eCommerce sites in Nepal keep flourishing.

Ecommerce is one of the most rapidly growing industries in Nepal. It helped the manufacturer and customer to come close without any barrier. The virtual stores helped thousands of businesses flourish in Nepal.

Nowadays, people buy from needles to expensive items through e-commerce websites. Moreover, eCommerce sites keep coming with beautiful offers and rewards and that makes customers attracted towards online shopping.

Nepal is the big ocean for the eCommerce players. And top giant eCommerce sites like Daraz and Sastodeal keep holding a strong position in the market.

So today we are going to shortlist the top 10 eCommerce sites in Nepal. Our list will be based not only on Web Traffic and SEO but will also be on companies’ activities on Social media.

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Top 10 Ecommerce Sites in Nepal

1. Daraz Nepal

Ecommerce Sites in Nepal
Daraz Nepal

Daraz Nepal is the biggest online store in Nepal. It not only provides various products but also provides splendid services to the customers. It has brought a variety of top brands into the same platform.

It comes with many exclusive and special deals. Daraz promotes the digital platform by providing exclusive discounts for the customers who made a purchase through Credit/Debit cards. And this is really appreciable work by Daraz.


Alexa Rank in Nepal: 26

Alexa Global Rank: 24006

2. Sastodeal

Ecommerce Sites in Nepal

Sastodeal is the leading eCommerce company in Nepal with millions of customers and thousands of vendors/partners all over the country. It was established back in 2011 with the aim to provide the products to the customers at an affordable price. On the other hand, they provide a beautiful platform for their vendors where they don’t charge additional costs for their business.

Sastodeal also partnered with Indian’s top leading eCommerce players, Flipkart and Myntra. This let Indian MSMEs enter into the Nepalese Market. Partnership with these company enabled Nepali customers to buy the Indian Products which are not even in the Nepali market.


Alexa Rank in Nepal: 155

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Ecommerce Sites in Nepal

NepBay came up with the revolutionary movement to transform the way of doing business in Nepal. They first started their business limited only to Kathmandu Valley in 2007. Later on eventually, they transformed their business into a online mall and now its available accross the country.

In 2013, NepBay introduced the “Cash On Delivery” feature. It was the first time in Nepal where customers were able to order the products online and receive the products to doorsteps. Now, Thulo has 100s of sellers who sell more than 25000 products from 700+ different categories.


Alexa Rank in Nepal: 136

4. Durbarmart

Ecommerce Sites in Nepal

Durbarmart is the growing eCommerce platform in Nepal. They have a beautiful slogan, It’s Royal, Probably this mean everything of high standard or legit. Electronics, Men’s Fashion, Women’s Wear, Groceries, TV & Home Appliances and Laptop are its popular categories.

Durbarmart also presents Made in Nepal products, where they offer many varieties of Nepalese Made products. Those products come with a modern touch to traditional concepts.

It also provides a refer and earn program, where you can earn from 50 to 1000. You’ll get 20 points for each successful referral. Later those coins can be converted into money.


Alexa Rank in Nepal: 939

5. Okdam

Ecommerce Sites in Nepal

Ok Dam is one of Nepal’s finest Online shopping portal. It offers bother free shopping with secured and trusted online portals. They offer products from top branded companies and provide seamless payment services through trusted online partners. They provided free delivery inside the Kathmandu valley and charges a little outside the Valley.

Ok Dam came up with an idea to permitting local vendors and manufacturers to publish their goods on the Okdam platform without building any inventories. They accept Cash on Delivery and payment through online channels, such as eSewa, Mastercard, Visa, ConnectIPS, etc.


Alexa Rank in Nepal: 230

6. Kinumna

Ecommerce Sites in Nepal

Kinumna is the latest addition to the eCommerce site in Nepal. Kinumna provides a variety of products most of the categories. Kinumna has a large base of followers throughout social media. It has 112K+ Facebook followers and 5k+ followers on Instagram.

They also provide an affiliate program for bloggers. Products from top brands like Samsung, Sony, Apple, Panasonic, Dell can be found on this site.

Apart from this, it feels like their website is not completed properly. Some of the links not working and images of some products are missing.

Overal everything is good, including their customer services, responsiveness and delivery time. In Fact, I got surprised when I receive the order within 2 days of order.


Alexa Rank in Nepal: 2068

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7. Gyapu

Ecommerce Sites in Nepal

Gyapu is one of the best emerging online marketplace in the Nepal. It was formed with the aim to build the own Nepali Global Brand and promote the Nepali local products across the country. It also offer buying the products from international vendors from their platform.

The best part of Gyapu is, it doesn’t even charge any penny for vendors/sellers for the product listing. They only charge the shipping fee for the product they get ordered.

It accepts popular payment options like eSewa, IMEpay, prabhuPay, Khalti, FonePay, ConnectIPS, Debit/Credit card, etc.


Alexa Rank in Nepal: 481

8. Socheko

Ecommerce Sites in Nepal

Socheko, the name itself defines all about the site. Their main motive was to provide non-stop solution for their customers. They offer free delivery in most locations. They deliver their products to most of the cities across the country.

It is really hard to find genuine and authentic products in the market. But Socheko offers qualitative products with justiciable prices and delivers the products directly to your doorstep.


Alexa Rank in Nepal: 1214

9. Mero Shopping

Ecommerce Sites in Nepal
Mero Shopping

Mero Shopping provides the services to Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and to the major cities in Nepal. It has customer friendly online shopping platform from where customers can make directly purchase through the site.

They provide delivery within 1 or 2 days, and that is really impressive. If you wanted to gift someone, then Mero Shopping might be good for you. It provides a variety of gift items like gadgets, cosmetics, accessories, and many more.


Alexa Rank in Nepal: 1368

10: Muncha

Ecommerce Sites in Nepal

Muncha started their business with the name Muncha House in the 1920s. And most importantly, it was the first departmental store in Nepal. And back in 2000, they ventured into online shopping and started offering gifts gallery to non-resident Nepalese. They offer gift items for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Festivals, Weddings, rituals, and many more.


Alexa Rank in Nepal: 2696

Some Other eCommerce Sites in Nepal

Note: The details of the eCommerce sites were been collected from the belonging sites’ about section. And regarding the listed order, it’s all my personal views. And if you think of some important site I missed, then please feel free to leave a comment down below without any SPAM.

Did you find the eCommerce sites listed in this article helpful? Which is your favorite one? How is your experience with eCommerce sites in Nepal?

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