How To Restore WordPress To Default – Reset WordPress

It is a very easy process to restore WordPress. Restoring WordPress is done in a very rare situation. And if you restore it, then it will remove all the plugins, settings, and installed themes. Everything will be completely new, exactly like a freshly installed WordPress site.

So in this tutorial, I’ll show you the very easy steps to restore WordPress to default. And this tutorial is completely focused for the beginners.

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How to Restore WordPress To Default?

Restoring WordPress to default is quite easy as restoring the mobile phone. You don’t need to go to CPanel nor who should have any programming skills. To do this, you just have to simply install a plugin called WP Reset.

Restore WordPress to Default

For your help, I’ve listed the two ways to install the WP Reset plugin. You can choose any one of them according to your preference.

Step 1: Install WP Reset Plugin

  • Download the Plugin
  • Go to Upload Plugin and Click on Add New
  • Click Upload Plugin
  • Click Choose File and Click Install Now
  • Click Activate Plugin

Alternative Way To Install WP Reset

  • Click Add New Plugin
  • Search “WP Reset” and it will appear
  • Click Install
  • Click Activate

Congrats !! You finally activated the plugin.

Now we are few steps away from restoring WordPress into default. Now lets navigate to WP Reset plugin. To do this simply follow the given steps.

Step 2 : Click WP Reset option (Hover to Tools to find the Option)

Step 3 : Skip everything and head towards the bottom of the page

Step 4: You will find a Site Reset Option. And under the Site Reset option, you will find 3 more options. Well, those options are not mandatory if you want to restore the Site Completely.

Step 5: Type “reset” inside the box and click Reset button.

Step 6: A confirmation dialog box appear. You need to confirm to restore the WordPress.

After completion of restoration process, you’ll be redirected to Login Page. Now you can use your login details to login to your site. Once you reach the WordPress dashboard, you will find completely the fresh WordPress that you wanted for.

Did you find this tutorial helpful? Don’t forget to leave a comment down below. We’ve got a hunger for feedback. All the feedback will be appreciated.

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