How To Remove Background From Image

Sometimes it is important to remove background from the image to cut off unnecessary scene. But if someone doesn’t know to use the Photoshop and if they need to remove the background, then it might be headache for them to go throughout the process.

And if you are familiar with the Photoshop, then you can simply use “Magic Eraser Tool” to remove the background instantly. But this tutorial is going to completely based for the people with zero experience with Photoshop.

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Steps To Remove Background From Image

There are couple of websites available in internet, but I prefer everyone to use . It is simple and easy to use.

First of all you have to go to and simply you have to upload the image file to the website. Then the site itself automatically remove the background from the image. Now you will see the download option to download the image with no background.

Most importantly, this site even offer you to change the blur level of background. And even you can choose varieties of colors and scenes for the background.

This site offer all these features for free. But if you want very high quality image, then you need a credit for that. You can register to the site and can purchase credit to get high quality image.


You can check the images above for before and after look with and without background. So, did you find this website helpful ? If yes then why not to share this with your friends ?

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