People love browsing on internet a lot and encounter with lots of unwanted and irritating ads. And most irritating thing is getting the same ads again and again.

There are lots of Adblock Extension and Browser available in internet, but in this tutorial we’re going to show you the simplest way to block Ads on smartphone without any application or any third-party plugin.

So Let’s Block Ads On Android

  1. Open Android Settings
  2. Open WiFi & Network
  3. Open Private DNS
  4. Select “Private DNS provider hostname”
  5. Enter “” without quotes

That’s All!

Now you will not see any advertisements while browsing. But this will not block Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads. This will only block the ads in the browser.

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Block Ads On iOS

  1. Open Settings
  2. Choose the ‘Wi-Fi’ setting
  3. Tap to the currently active Wi-Fi network
  4. In the DNS field enter the following DNS addresses.

Block Ads From Router

If you set the DNS addresses within the router, then you don’t need to set up the DNS addresses for each device. Setting up DNS addresses in the router is a simple process

1.Login to Router

The router login IP may vary according to the Router’s Brand and model. If you are not sure about the Router’s IP then you can check the back of the router. You’ll see the IP as well as the login details.

2. Find the DNS Setting

Then navigate to the IPv4 setting and you will see Primary DNS and Secondary DNS option. Then you need to enter the following DNS Addresses.

If you use Adguard DNS in the router, then not only it blocks the ads on your smartphone, it will block the ads even on your computers. And I personally recommend using those DNS addresses in router settings for a better experience.

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