How To Get Lynda Account For Free ?

Lynda or Linkedin Learning is an American website that offers online video courses in many subjects like, Business, Software, Technology, Photography, Videography, Blogging, Web Development, and many more. Lynda is providing these services for since last 20 years and helped students, teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and many other people to get succeded in their work.

Lynda Subscription Plans

Lynda offers monthly and annual plans where you can get 1 month of a free trial. You have to pay once your trial period gets over. It cost you $29.9/month in the monthly plan and $19.99/month in the annual plan. If you purchase an annual plan, then you gonna save 33%. And both plans include equal features and equal access to the account.

Monthly1-month free trial
then $29.99/month*
Annually1-month free trial
then $19.99/month* (Save 33%)
Both Monthly and Annually plans includes full access to the account

How to get Lynda Account for free ?

This method is 100% legit and you don’t require any sort of MasterCard of Credit Card to get the account. But you have to follow each and every step carefully.

Steps for Lynda Premium Account

  1. Download VPN

    You have to download VPN and change the location to United States.

  2. Goto WhatIsMyIPAddress

    You have to go to this site and check whether the VPN is working fine or not. If it shows your local IP, then you’ve to switch to another VPN

  3. Register Los Angeles Public Library

    You need to register in Los Angeles Public Library to get Library Card.
    You have to submit the entries like Name, Address, Phone Number, APT/Suite E-mail Address.
    Note: You can enter any random number in APT/Suite

  4. Use California Address when Registering

    Since this offer is only valid for the residents in California. So you have to use any address located inside California.
    Note: Use Valid Street Address. eg: “2852 W Pico Blvd

  5. Search “Hotel near Los Angeles” in Google

    This helps you to get the list of hotels in Los Angeles with their address and phone number.

  6. Remember the Phone Number

    The last 4 digits of the Phone number will be your login password to your library account.

  7. Turn off VPN

    After creating an account you’ll get ECARD. And now you can turn your VPN off.

  8. Copy Library Card Number

    After submitting for a library card, you will receive a mail with your library ECARD number. You have to copy that ECARD number.

  9. Goto

    Now goto and click sign in. Then click Sign in with Organization Portal

  10. Enter “”

    Lynda asks you to enter your organization URL. And you have to enter “” and submit.

  11. Enter the login details

    You’ve to enter the Library Card number and Library Card Pin.
    Note: The last 4 digits of the Phone Number is your Library Card Pin Number.

  12. Enter your name

    Lynda asks you to submit your name.

  13. Now you have full access to your Lynda Account

Disclaimer: Please don’t create unnecessary Library Cards. Doing such thing might forced the Library to cancel all the enrolled Library Cards. And might cancel providing Library Cards in Future.

For clear explanation, I’ve made a video for you.

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