Find Gmail Account Creation Date

It is important for everyone to know the exact date when you created your Google account. It is because, when you lost the access to your Google Account, Google ask you to enter the “Date of Creation” during recovery process. And if you are unaware about the exact date, then you might have very high probability of losing your Google Account.

Steps to Find Out Gmail Account Creation Date

In this method you don’t need to scroll down to the bottom to find the “Welcome Mail” nor you have to check your POP Settings.

So, Are you excited ? Let’s get in to the Tutorial.

1. Visit Google Drive API V3 Page

The very first step is to, you have to go to the Google Drive API V3 page.

2. Try this API

Now see the left side of your desktop, you will find out “Try this API” option. Now everything goes here inside this box.

3. Input the details in fileId and in fields section

Find Gmail Creation Date

Enter “root” without quotes inside “fileId” section and “*” without quotes inside “fields” section. And leave the other field empty. Checkout the image for more details.

5. Click Execute

After doing this Google will ask you for the permission to access, manage, edit your Google Drive. Then you need to accept everything the Google ask for.
If execution get successful, then Google will return a file resource in the response body, right below the “Execute” button with “200 OK” message.

6. Search for “createdTime”

A green titled box appears with 200 Ok message. There you can find lots of array as details. Somewhere there you will find createdTime. And yes, that is the exact date and time when you created your gmail account.

Final Thoughts

It is really important to remember when you created your gmail like its password. After finding the exact date, you have to note the date somewhere safe. It can be used for future when you got trouble accessing the account. And further more don’t forget to secure your gmail account with Two-Step Verification. There are couple of 2FA verification available in play store and apple store, but I prefer 2FA and Auty. Tell me what you liked the most in comment section.

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