Authy – Best Google Authenticator Alternative

When It comes to the Two-Step verification, the first thing come in our mind is Google Authenticator. And probably, most of you have used or using Google Factor Authentication for Two-Step Verification. There’s no doubt that Google Authenticator is one of the securest and most trusted Authenticator. But there is something that makes Authy better than Google. Authenticator.

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Best Google Authenticator Alternative

Authy is the Two-factor authentication (2FA) that adds an additional layer of protection beyond passwords. So what’s the difference between Google 2FA and Authy, since they do the similar?

Here, I’m going to clear all the confusion. Have you ever lost your phone or reset your mobile phone and forget to keep the Secret Key as a backup ? Probably, most of you might have faced.

If you reset your phone and you don’t have the secret key, at the time you need to login to Google and have to reset the previous mobile phone. And if you kept some other sites Two-Step Verification to Google 2FA, then the situation going to be the worst. You need to ask the support team to recover your account.

So, to make the thing easier, Authy keeps everything as a backup. If you lost the phone, reset your device, or even uninstalled Authy App, you can get everything the same to your new phone or another phone. So you don’t need to worry about all these things. This backup feature makes Authy superior to Google Authenticator.

You can download the App from the Google Play Store or from the App Store. In order to use this app, you must have to enter your phone number at the beginning and have to set the backup password. And now, you are done. You can easily add Accounts to your Authy App.

And if you reset your phone, just install Authy App again and enter your same Phone Number. Then you’ll get SMS on your phone and after entering the code again you need to enter the backup passcode which you set for the first time. After completing all of these steps, now you completely get all of the Accounts 2FA Backup to your fresh phone again.

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